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Growing tomatoes is one of the easiest and most satisfying things a gardener can do.  I don’t give a damn what Congress says, this is one of the best FRUITS you can have!

One of the biggest issues, especially with young plants, is yellowing leaves.  These usually occur on the lowest stems of the plant and for a variety of reasons.  Over or under watering, transplant stress, or lack of soil nitrogen are the most common issues.

Our young tomato starts began developing yellow leaves a few days ago, and then became a bit droopy, so I checked the soil moisture and found that it was dry all the way through.  Solution? A healthy watering of course.  After a couple more days, watching the watering carefully, they were no better.

Time for POO JUICE!  This is my personal “high risk immunization” strategy for low nitrogen.  I don’t want to mess with the soil in the small pots until the plants are transplanted outside, so how to get some quick nitrogen into that dirt?  Sure, we could buy some commercial soil treatment, whether it’s nitrogen or a full NPK mix, but even if it’s “organic”, who knows how it was processed and what by-products got into it?

So, out to the chicken yard we go!  2 or so tablespoons of fresh chicken poo go into a quart jar, along with this mornings coffee grounds (about 3/4 cup wet), and the jar is half filled with warm water.  Lots of vigorous shaking and it’s mixed pretty well.  You can tell it’s mixed enough if  your free range chickens diet of small stones separates and settles at the bottom.

This is then screened through a paper towel or muslin bag into a second quart jar to remove any bits and pieces of detris.  The second jar is topped off with warm water giving a mix of about 1 part poo prep and 5 parts water.  This is a very high nitrogen percentage, but it is only for “emergency” application, like a steroid shot.

The Poo Juice is applied sparingly…about 1/2 a teaspoon to each plant..followed by a liberal watering.

Result?  The plants are tall, green, and healthy, once again balanced in the soil!

Be careful with this preparation though.  It can and will burn or even kill young plants if you overdose them!  It’s a quick, high nitrogen booster shot, not a regular feeding solution!

So, there it is..POO JUICE to the rescue. =)

~ Stoney