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First off:  What the hell is a Chicken Tractor?  Basically it is a movable cage to confine your chickens in a designated area.  You might use the chicken tractor to contain your chickens over a certain patch of garden.  It is also a nice way to allow your peeps to free range while maintaining some kind of control over where they are, while providing them with some protection.  The Chicken Tractor is a very simple piece of equipment to build and use.

We used 2x lengths of wood, chicken wire, and some training wheels off an old bike for little kids.  We placed a handle on the front to make moving the tractor easier.  On the solid looking end of the tractor, we put a fold down door for easy access to the birds.  Luckily, neither one of us is terribly tall so one of us can go inside and chase the birds out when it’s time to put them back in the pen.

In the video below you will see how effective the chicken tractor is in protecting your birds from killer attack dogs, while allowing your birds to forage at will. You may want to turn down your volume, it was a windy day.  

There is not a lot to a chicken tractor, but they work very well for their purpose.

With this Chicken Tractor we had the added bonus of learning a valuable life lesson.

Therefore, it’s story time, kids.

There once was a little girl who wanted a chicken tractor.  Instead of building one herself or asking for help, she would scream and yell and demand that someone else should build it for her.  Because of her constant ranting, no one ever helped this little girl.  On the other side of the road was a little boy who also wanted a chicken tractor.  He asked his friend if he would mind helping him build a chicken tractor.  The friend had no problem helping because he was asked so nicely.  The little boy got his chicken tractor and all was right in the world.  The little girl became more bitter and nasty and never got her chicken tractor.  The moral of the story:  Ask nicely of others and you may get the help you need.  Demand from others and you’ll probably be told to “F” off.