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A couple of years back, one of the towns out here began a program of community centered activities, one of which was the community garden.  The old community garden had gone defunct due to lack of interest & politics, which was odd since their local foodbank was next door and always busy with folks who could & should have been involved in the garden for their own good!

Anyway, I had the opportunity to drive down and participate in getting this project going again, and this time we had the advantage of seriously community minded and farm savvy folks involved.

community gardenWe worked like dogs getting the soil fixed and properly amended, put in brand new drip lines with a timer, got a garden shed and deer fencing installed, and actually had some youthful volunteers showing up!  It was a great time.

Not only did we manage to do all this to revamp this key piece of community togetherness, but the organizer got a hoop house put in for it and the library & schools got involved for the kids.

educating kids about gardeningThere are volunteers that bring groups of the local kids over to the community garden where they meet with some great people who share their knowledge.  I really hope these kids get the “garden bug” from these events and take seriously the need to just be able to grow their own food, even if they never do.

Anyway, the point of bringing this out is to ask all of your readers what you do in your own community or others nearby to help with food independence and education.  Do you have a community garden?  Is is socially active?  Post your replies and have an awesome day!

~ Stoney