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Some young friends of ours recently moved from a duplex to a large house in a country setting, so it was natural that they wanted to try their hand at chickens.  So, Red and I stepped up to help out with the coop needs.  Their desire was a movable coop, much like a chicken tractor, but without the fenced area for “grazing”.

$100 or so, and a few hours later, here is what transpired.

Two full sized sheets of OSB were cut to pattern for the roof slant and nesting boxes.  This side has a large opening for cleaning out the coop and handling the feeding and water.

The other side (below) has the chicken door for the little beasties to venture out during the daytime.

The base of the coop is 3′ X 7′ ply mounted on a 2 x 4 frame and was painted with KILZ and then clear coated.

This will keep the poop and any water spillage from ruining the wood, stinking and staining, and also makes the cleaning out much easier.


Next, we attached these side pieces to the base and added some 2×2 framing.





The end pieces were attached and some 1/2 inch trim was attached to the nest bottoms to hold up the box seperators.  These were drilled with some 1 inch holes to allow for air flow.


You can see the frame board attached here and the roosts mounted about 6 inches in front of the nests on each end.  The center piece at the peak is for stability and serves as a hanger for the lights when needed.






The roofing was put on with a slight overhang and then the egg access doors attached at either end.  The only thing left at this point was to put wheels on it and paint it for both looks and to protect the wood from weathering.


This is a through view via the egg door at one end.

And there it is, ready to pretty up.  I’ll go back to our friends later and mount a pull handle for dragging it around the property, and put a top vent on each side.

The dimensions of the coop and number of boxes were based on absolute minimum square footage needs for 12 birds.

After it’s painted and wheels put on, I’ll try to get a couple of pictures for y’all.

All in all, not a bad days work to help out our friends.

~ Stone