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The ignorant issue of Organic versus Natural has reared it’s ugly face yet again in my presence and I must comment to prevent choking some folks who greatly deserve it!

Here’s the chart I was presented with from another blog:

Notice the “Allowed” under Natural.  Allowed?  You mean I have someone’s permission?  Gee, thanks!

What this miscreant fanatic is not getting is the fact that “Organic”, while defined and regulated by the USDA, only applies the farms that are CERTIFIED to meet the USDA standards of production and therefore are “allowed” to use the term organic when selling their produce.

Natural, although I’ll give to you that it does get abused, means just that…it’s natural.  Soil prep, planting, weeding & feeding, prep & preservation, etc., are all done with means that mimic how nature produces her bounty.

YOU, the consumer, have to decide but remember…just because it says “organic” doesn’t mean it was taken from seed to salad by only natural methods.  After all, the USDA doesn’t have a copyright licensing system on the word organic.

Caveat Emptor

~ Stone