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13 out of 18 eggs are showing serious signs of life. Crippled Creek Micro FarmOnly one egg was completely dead. There are 4 eggs that are questionable at this point. Right now I have a solid 72.2% life rate. It might be higher because of those questionable eggs. No, I am not counting my chickens before they hatch. I am merely keeping an eye on the little buggers so that I might be able to pin point the time when the fecesĀ collides with the oscillating air circulation device.

If I can get to day 17 and still have numbers this high, you will see a post containing much jubilation.

The reason I waited until day 10 instead of day 7 is because of my 3 sets of eggs.

  • Eggs laid on the 22nd of June – 5 of 6 look good. 1 questionable.
  • Eggs laid on the 23rd of June – 5 of 6 look good. 1 dead.
  • Eggs laid on the 24th of June – 3 of 6 look good. 3 questionable.

Day 17 of set 1 will be day 15 of set 3. One day beyond my normal Day of the Dead with my last two batches. Day 17 is the 10th of July. I should be posting that evening to give a progress report.

I’ll let you know.


Bonus Info: The 2 that did hatch from Batch 2 are feathering up nicely and have been outside a couple times in the safety of the chicken tractor.