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Okay, another post about incubator progress. Today, we maxed out every waterCrippled Creek Micro Farm canal with water and added a separate dish of water to increase the humidity. I just finished candling the eggs and here are the results.

  1. Set 1: 4 out of 5 show definite life. The 5th egg is questionable.
  2. Set 2: 4 out of 6 show definite life. 1 was dead. 1 is questionable.
  3. Set 3: 5 out of 6 show definite life. 1 was dead.

I’m still at 13 eggs showing signs of life. So far, so good. I’ll take it. As it stands, this is my best run out here. I’m really looking forward to a successful hatching. Keep your fingers crossed. I am.


Bonus Info: The two that hatched from the last batch were moved to the coop today, in a brooder cage. Time to start socializing those lil’ buggers. Besides, it will give me a week off from the peeping in my garden tub.