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First things first. The chicks we received on March 26th, 2013 are doing fine. We lost a few after getting them, but the weeding out of the “drop dead for no apparent reason”  gene appears to be over. Initially we received 21 Rhode Island Reds, 21 Black Australorps, and 1 creepy little “exotic” chicken who we have named Thraps. We are down to 18 RIRs, 17 BAs, and Thraps. I believe it was the Thraps chicken who was killing off Athe other chicks because, well, it’s evil. If anyone knows what kind of chicken Thraps is I would greatly appreciate the knowledge. Thanks in advance.

In preparation for our new arrivals the staff here at Crippled Creek built a new coop. When I say staff I mean Stone and I. Using what we have learned from building our work shed and our main coop, we were able to build quite the little secondary coop.

This coop has everything the main coop has, only built better and no storage area. We put in a nice fold out window for light and ventilation. Solid construction with all cracks and crevices filled with expanding foam. I won’t say this building is air tight, but it is a hell of a lot warmer than the other coop.


We installed our world famous “wind deflection” chicken tunnel, along with the horizontal sliding outside door. With these two addons our chicks are protected and kept safe from drafts and most predators.

Horizontal Sliding Chicken Door



If you look close at the top of the pen you will see two buck heads. Flies have already started nomming on these heads and will eventually lay eggs in them. Then we will have a supply of fresh maggots for the chickens to eat.

And finally a short video of all of our survivors, well, that is until the evil Thraps chicken kills them and devours their souls.

As always, comments and questions are welcome. And again, if anyone knows what kind of chicken that is, I would be very grateful to get that information.