We’re still alive, here at Crippled Creek. However, there has not been a lot going on. The only thing to announce is the unexpected early molt of our chickens that was brought on by the intense heat of last month.

The Molt

June and July where miserable. Every day it was 90+ degrees. We had several weeks where it only dipped below 100 at night. This was very hard on our girls. We ended up losing 3 of our older hens to the heat. All of our adults birds either quit laying or went to an every third day laying schedule. Egg production is greatly reduced and we are lucky to get two dozen per week.

Recently we’ve had a respite from the heat. However, this drastic change in the weather has pushed our adult birds into molt. Egg production is insanely low. Our only light at the end of the tunnel is that our new girls should begin laying soon. I hope.

This has been one hell of a messed up summer.


Grim (Red)