Links & Resources

Countryside Magazine – the absolute best DIY homestead how-to periodical I’ve ever found!  The readers letters with their triumphs, failures, and ideas is worth the price of a subscription alone! ~Stoney

Soulsby Farm – Dan & Mindy Soulsby’s farm in Ohio.  A fabulous blog to follow! ~Stoney

Murray McMurray Hatchery – The place who sent me my wonderful little T-Rexes.  They threw in a couple extra to cover any losses in shipment.  All the birds arrived healthy.  I highly recommend them for any of your hatchling needs. ~Red

Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery – I have no idea what I would do without this book. ~Red

My Sustainable World – Social TV on Facebook – We all make a difference, share your ideas here and let’s make our world a healthier and fun place. Tell your friends you care and ask them to join us all building a sustainable world.


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